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Besides Kichwa radio, Kichwa Hatari is proud to provide an array of services to local communities, organizations, and institutions. 

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Kichwa Interpretation: Fabian Muenala is an experienced Kichwa (or Quichua, Quechua) interpreter in the State of New York. He has interpreted in various institutional settings ranging form courts, to hospitals, to schools. He speaks English, Spanish, and Kichwa– experienced in Quechua to English and Quechua to Spanish translation (and vice versa). To solicit an interpreter you can reach Fabian through our email:

Kichwa lessons: Every Friday from 6-6:30pm stayed tuned into Kichwa Hatari as Fabian Muenala and Jenny Angamarca, as part of a weekly series, provide Kichwa lessons on the air in an engaging teacher-to-student/student-to-teacher fashion. Everyone is more than welcome to call in during these lessons to ask the teacher or student questions about Kichwa language, grammar, and/or cosmology. The number to call is (646) 675-989;  or email us at:

Talks/Workshops: Kichwa Hatari team members are always excited to be able to share their knowledge and experience with the world! Given our infusion of diverse aspects to the Kichwa Hatari project, from media communication, to community organizing, to Kichwa empowerment, we are proud to share how Kichwa Hatari has become a site of endless opportunity and potential in local communities and beyond. For more information about this please contact us at

DJing: Being that Kichwa Hatari is a radio program that values Quechua/Kichwa music as much as its culture, we love sharing our passion for Andean tunes with everyone! You can hire us to DJ at your next upcoming event if you want to feature the best that Andean music has to offer–we will even throw in some throwback Andean cumbias into the mix! Kichwa Hatari has DJd and MCd at local community parties, venues like The Meridien 23 and in New York University.  For more information about this please contact us at

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