CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS – #IntiRaymiPacha – A Collective Archiving Project Documenting Inti Raymi


Inti Raymi is one of the most important celebrations in the Andean calendar. For millennia, communities in the Andean region have celebrated the summer solstice, Inti Raymi, an important time to offer gratitude to Tayta Inti, to la Pachamama, and to celebrate life’s abundance through communal rituals and celebrations. For communities in the diaspora, Inti Raymi has taken many different forms, shifting and becoming a time for knowledge transmission and cultural resistance. This year, COVID-19 has presented Andean communities with a difficult challenge, having to cancel in-person celebrations while, instead, finding creative ways of adapting and continuing with this tradition.

As Kichwa Runas of the diaspora, it is our desire to collectively document the realities we are currently living as a community. It is our desire to document the resilience, joy and connection that is absent from mainstream narratives. We want this documentation to be created for and by the communities of the andean diaspora with the intention of strengthening, expressing and self-representing our traditions. 

We are looking for your best photos, videos, drawings, illustrations, poems or any other art form that captures and expresses how you, your family, and your community are celebrating Inti Raymi this year. (Note: We highly discourage large gatherings, against physical distancing recommendations, that put our communities and elders at risk.)

The winners will receive an honorarium, be featured in a virtual exhibit, and be part of an in-print and digital zine to be published later this year. All selected participants will also receive a printed copy of the zine. 

Who Should Apply?

Open to Andean indigenous-identifying and diasporic communities that celebrate Inti Raymi around the world. We seek alternative works from our very own communities, representing different ages, stories and experiences with audiovisual media and different forms of art. Our priority will be to focus on the gaze of warmis, wambras, elders, and other voices and gazes not commonly centered. “Professional” experience is NOT a requirement to document and tell our own stories as Runas.

Some Guiding Questions:

  • What does the Inti Raymi mean to you?
  • How are you and your community adapting to Inti Raymi during times of COVID-19?
  • How are you and your community maintaining the memories of your traditions?
  • How do you see your traditions best represented? (e.g. food, drink, music, dance, etc.)

Art Forms Accepted

  • Photos
  • Videos (e.g. TikToks, home videos, etc)
  • Poetry/Writing
  • Illustration
  • Mixed Media
  • Other digitized art forms

Date of creation – Your work must have been created/produced during Inti Raymi 2020 season (June – July 2020)

Submit your work by:

Max number of entries per person: 5
Deadline for submissions July 21, 2020

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